Tire Rotation Patterns
Every RV and trailer is unique, so consult your vehicle owner’s manual for rotation recommendations for your vehicle. If the tires on your vehicle show uneven wear, ask your AMV Trading Service Center to check for and fix any misalignment, imbalance or other mechanical problems before rotating the tires.

Wheel Alignment
Proper wheel alignment is essential to maintaining even treadwear on your RV tires. Normal
wear of moving parts in a suspension system can result in misalignment, which can cause scuffing and rapid, uneven wear in your tires. Take your vehicle to the AMV Trading Service Center for regular alignment checks and adjustments.

Routine Tire Inspections
You should take your RV to your AMV Trading Service Center and have a tire inspection at least once a year. It’s also a good idea to have them inspected after you drive on rugged, rocky terrain or when you take your RV in for service. Have the Retailer check both sidewalls, the tread area, valves, caps and any valve extensions. Plus, your RV’s tires should be checked for nails, cuts, bulges, aging, cracks and weathering, as well as objects lodged between the duals.

Cleaning Your RV Tires
Dirt and grime can keep road oils close to your RV’s tires. That’s why you should clean your
tires whenever you wash your RV. You can wash your Goodyear RV tires with the same products you use to wash your RV – a soft brush and mild soap. Each Goodyear RV tire contains additives, and as the
tire rolls, they rise to the surface of the rubber to help protect the tires from cracking.